Working with other people: action plan for the new SRA regime

The SRA’s new approach to continuing competency is a very welcome change. It recognises the need for a more well-rounded skill base than traditional technical legal practice and enables lawyers to take a more active role in their own development by focusing their efforts on the things that really matter for better performance in their individual role, having regard to the unique circumstances within their organisation.

Commercial Contracts, “Brexit Risks” and the EU

Whilst, of course, the UK is still a member of the EU – we haven’t left yet – the following might assist in any assessment of existing contract terms and consideration of “Brexit risks” in relation to new contracts with an EU dimension.

Collaboration in Treviso

Working with our correspondents Cristina and Alberto, we visited our friends at Unindustria Treviso to advise some of their members interested in doing business in the UK.

Growth Shares

Growth shares can be enormously effective as an incentive and help to align the interests of key employees with those of the shareholders. They can be very tax efficient if designed properly.

Success for London legal walkers

The London Legal Walk is organised by The London Legal Support Trust, to raise funds to help make sure poor and vulnerable people get the legal advice they need.

This year some of the Jurit team joined walkers from FBLS. The 10km walk, which took place on May 16th, raised in excess of £700,000.

Meaningful conversations

Recently I had the privilege of visiting a refugee camp outside of Athens. The visit was organised for Members of Parliament from over 15 EU member states as part of the European Mercator Dialogue project. I was co-facilitating to help MPs have conversations in a way they never have before.

Newport Street Gallery visit

The Newport Street Gallery is an excellent space, the staff friendly and helpful and the restaurant is top-notch. In all, well worth a visit and I am looking forward to seeing what else from Mr Hirst’s collection is displayed.