Inward investment from SMEs in the Venito, Italy

Our collaboration with   Franchi


A highlight of our regular team meetings in London is the slot when our friends and clients join us to tell us about their businesses and projects.


Avv. Cristina Franchi is a former colleague of a number of our partners.  She has worked as an in-house lawyer at companies such as IBM and AT&T and is now based back in Treviso, where she and her colleagues base their practice.  It was a pleasure to welcome Cristina to London recently to meet the Jurit team.


Cristina organised meetings for us with Italian companies based in the Veneto region of Italy, through the excellent industrial associations.  The region has a long tradition of international trade (some export 90 % of their products) and for hard work.  Most companies are engaged in manufacturing and are family owned SMEs.


We were warmly received, loved the area and will be back to build on our relationships with avvs. Cristina and Alberto, with Ovidia and Caterina and their respective teams at the industrial organisations and with our new clients.


All work and no play makes lawyers particularly dull, so Robert and Anthony went on an adventure to Venice – the serene republic – on a sunny and freezing late afternoon ending, after dark and a trip down the Grand Canal, in the much lauded Harry’s Bar.

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