Mandatory Gender Pay Gap Reporting

The Government’s Consultation on mandatory gender pay gap reporting for companies with over 250 employees closed on 6 September 2015. How will it affect your business?

Outsourcing the compliance burden

Jurit’s NEW Company Secretarial Services

Keeping numerous records and making the correct filings at Companies House, and on time, are some of the most necessary, but more cumbersome tasks that a company can face, and that’s where we can help.

Early Conciliation Service

This comprehensive study of employee disputes arising between April 2014 and April 2015 show that early conciliation of conflicts is successful provided that the employer is willing to compensate the employee for settling their dispute.


The employer not the client determines who is assigned to an organised grouping of employees. In Jakowlew v Saga Care, the Claimant was employed by Saga and was assigned to a contract for the London Borough of Enfield (“Enfield”). Enfield directed that the Claimant should be removed from the contract. Saga did not agree and … Continue reading TUPE

Unfair dismissal?

Was it unfair to dismiss an employee for historic comments made on Facebook which he claimed were untrue? No, held the EAT in British Waterways Board v Smith. The R employed the C as a manual worker working a 7 day rota maintaining the Scottish inland waterways. The C was on standby for seven days one … Continue reading Unfair dismissal?

Disciplinary Warning

Warning for all HR Officers supporting internal procedures The EAT in Ramphal v Department for Transport UKEAT/0352/14/DA confirmed that while it is entirely appropriate for managers to seek guidance from their HR team when conducting disciplinary procedures, from investigation through to appeal, that guidance must be limited to advice essentially on the law and procedure … Continue reading Disciplinary Warning

July 2015 – Looking Ahead

  Gender Pay Gap Reporting In accordance with the SBEEA 2015, by 26 March 2016, the Government must enact Regulations requiring employers with at least 250 employees to publish information about their gender pay gap. While it is not clear how the government intends to draft such regulations, s78 Equality Act 2010 proposed that such regulations would require … Continue reading July 2015 – Looking Ahead

Shared Parental Leave is proving to be a nightmare to administer for employers

While 60% of men and 64% of women believe Shared Parental Leave (SPL) is a good idea (Modern Families Index 2015), employers are faced with a complex administrative burden and potential discrimination claims. SPL came into force in December 2014 for babies born after 5 April 2015. The right to share parental leave for eligible employees … Continue reading Shared Parental Leave is proving to be a nightmare to administer for employers

Equality and Diversity

Direct discrimination  –  No need to consider mental processes of those influencing the sole decision-maker The Court of Appeal in CLFIS (UK) Ltd v Reynolds has confirmed that the Tribunal should only focus on the motivation of the decision maker and not taken into account the motivation of anyone attempting to influence that decision. There may … Continue reading Equality and Diversity