Our Built Environment practice advises on all phases of energy, transport, building and infrastructure projects – from initial concept, structuring, and development through bidding, financing, construction and operation to decommissioning and site remediation. Our services are available to all project participants including project promoters, developers and contractors, funders, advisers and other stakeholders such as regulators and public interest groups

Supporting the development of our Built Environment

The Jurit team includes professionals who have a deep understanding of the legal issues underpinning the development of the built environment in which we live and work. We provide practical legal support to those undertaking, or who are affected by, projects involving the harnessing and exploitation of conventional and renewable energy sources, energy use, the development and operation of road networks, rail systems and aviation infrastructure, and the construction of buildings and works of civil engineering.

We work closely with our clients in the UK and internationally to help them achieve successful outcomes, whatever their interests in a project may be. Our support can span the full useful life of an energy, transport, building or infrastructure asset, from planning and inception, through procurement and delivery to operation, maintenance and eventual decommissioning and removal of the asset. Alternatively, we may simply be asked to advise on a discrete aspect of a project without ongoing involvement or in support of the work undertaken by other professionals such as architects, engineers and financial advisers.

Choosing the right approach to project procurement is vital. Adopting inappropriate or poorly structured commercial and financial arrangements can result in extra cost, delay and quality problems as well as time-consuming and expensive disputes. We advise clients on the different methods for procuring works and services, including traditional contracting on industry standard form documentation such as FIDIC, JCT, NEC and IChemE, use of bespoke construction documentation for more complex engineering and construction projects and the development of public sector projects under public-private partnership and other private finance arrangements.

Our clients

Our clients include public bodies, developers, contractors, operators, funders, investors and consultants as well as those whose interests are affected by the carrying out of development, operational and maintenance activities. The diversity of our client instructions means that we understand the different concerns and objectives of all project participants, stakeholders and interested parties.

Our approach and commitment

Each project in the built environment presents its unique features and challenges. It may be first-of-kind. Location may be problematic. Necessary resources may be scarce. Local communities may object. Questionable economic viability may limit available funding. These issues, and many more, should be examined to allow decision-makers to reach informed conclusions.

We invest time and energy to work through the key elements of a project and provide focused, solutions-driven legal and commercial guidance. The following are examples of what we do.

  • Devising commercial and financial arrangements for delivering a project, drawing on best practice from a variety of sources
  • Reducing regulatory uncertainty by investigating the legal systems in which a project is carried out, assessing risks and optimising risk allocation and mitigation measures
  • Developing robust, well-conceived documentation so that project participants and stakeholders are clear as to their rights and responsibilities
  • Participating in the process of bringing closure to negotiations between those who have a direct or indirect interest in a project
  • Providing mature, considered counselling on issues arising during construction of a project and throughout its operational life.

Successful outcomes

We strive to be a “value added” adviser, providing clients with the highest standards of legal guidance with a focus on practical and commercial advice.  We adopt a no-nonsense approach to legal work which means that getting the deal done is our priority. We consider it a “badge of honour” to achieve successful outcomes and a satisfied client.

Key services

  • Feasibility Studies:
    regulatory analysis | risk assessment | transaction structuring
  • Procurement:
    procurement planning | project documentation | commercial negotiations | funding
  • Project Oversight:
    risk management | claims counselling | project outcome reviews | dispute resolution
  • Joint Ventures and Collaborations:
    analysis of collaborative structures | joint venture agreements | teaming agreements
  • Interest Groups:
    impact assessments | regulatory compliance reviews | legal challenges

Key people

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