Jurit GC provides senior partner level, in-house, legal advisers on an affordable and flexible outsourced basis designed to meet your business needs. Our highly experienced Jurit GCs efficiently deliver proactive legal and business counsel focused on advancing your business goals and delivering results and are well able to act as an integral member of your executive team, if so required

Our past experience

Our General Counsel have worked for many well known and significant organisations, both full time and on extended secondment. These include: Transport for London (TfL), Tate & Lyle, Wang Laboratories, IBM, Philips, Ricoh, Hewlett Packard, Bull Information Systems, Research Machines, Energis, ITT Corporation and PwC Consulting (now part of IBM).

Building your business

Because Jurit GCs are available to work on site at your location as required, we seek to develop intimate knowledge of your business, allowing us to develop trusted relationships with key individuals and progress your goals and objectives. Like any in-house counsel, our lawyers can have email addresses on your email system and have an extension on your phone system.

Our General Counsel Service

Your business partner

At Jurit GC, we believe that a general counsel should be a key business and strategic adviser, not just a legal technician. Jurit GCs have held senior executive positions in both national and multi-national organisations and bring  a wealth of hands-on business experience and legal expertise to assist you in solving challenges, and maximising opportunities. All on an affordable outsourced basis, adding value to your entire business and management team.

How can we assist you?

We advise on all legal, strategic and practical issues that can and do land on a general counsel’s desk.

  • Handling your day-to-day legal needs
  • Negotiating key strategic contracts or providing legal guidance on business initiatives
  • Providing strategic business counsel over and above legal expertise
  • Bringing extensive, on the ground knowledge gained from many years spent in-house
  • Access to wide-ranging specialist networks of key business professionals
  • Managing and controlling your external legal budget

Training, Coaching and Mentoring

  • Executive and management teams – to understand the legal and regulatory environment in which the business operates and when specialist legal analysis and input would be beneficial to strategic planning, operational planning, decision-making and implementation of decisions
  • Sales and marketing teams –to recognise and mitigate the key risks inherent in the business and faced by the business and negotiate better commercial deals before legal contracts are exchanged
  • In-house lawyers – to lead and develop a team that provides proactive, strategic, effective and efficient legal services aligned with business objectives and which meets or exceeds business expectations

Cost effective alternative

Jurit GC handles day-to-day legal matters through to high-level strategic projects or initiatives, working as senior level business lawyers on an on-demand basis at a fraction of the cost of either hiring a full-time executive-level general counsel or relying exclusively on external legal advisers. While our clients typically develop a working relationship with one Jurit GC lawyer, they have the additional benefit of having access to the whole team for specific expertise. Fees can be agreed on an hourly, daily, project or retainer basis dependent upon your business needs and budgets.

Key people

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