Our International Trade and Investment service

We advise:

  • Investors into the UK
  • Businesses trading internationally from the UK
  • Clients worldwide seeking insight and guidance from innovative UK lawyers
  • Clients entering into international agreements governed by English law

Investors into the UK

If you are establishing a business in the UK; acquiring a company or assets here; engaging in a project; or appointing an agent or distributor – we would like to help you.

We work with investors, large and small (often in collaboration with their other advisers) giving clear, pragmatic, business-focused advice so they achieve their aims with the minimum of fuss and cost.

Businesses trading internationally from the UK

The UK thrives as a leader of global trade and is home for many  businesses seeking opportunities for trade or investment in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond.

We have lived and worked internationally – as senior lawyers in dynamic businesses, providing valued legal advice and commercial insight to investors, companies and management teams establishing and running international businesses.

Our lawyers, in conjunction with our network of correspondents and trusted international advisers support clients crossing boundaries to explore new opportunities. With a can-do approach and international outlook we will help your business to reach its next destination, wherever you are going.

Clients worldwide seeking insight and guidance from innovative UK lawyers

We are ‘people who get it’. In Jurit you have direct access to senior lawyers with years of strategic international business experience. We’ve seen a lot, and we know some very unusual places.

Our approach is to listen to you and understand your business’ needs and objectives then help you develop a strategy to deal effectively with the opportunities as well as the risks. We communicate our legal advice in straightforward business language and provide clear, practical solutions.

Good long-term relationships matter to us and we’re sure you appreciate that too. Think of us as a part of your team. We know that your decisions need input from several directions so we can work with your financial colleagues or external advisers, product specialists or local staff whenever that’s needed.

Clients entering into international agreements governed by English law

Many international commercial contracts are subject to English law.  We provide strategic legal advice and guidance on best commercial practice to clients around the world.

Our experience and business model makes it cost effective to consult us at an early stage, to provide guidance, reassurance and trusted counsel.

Key services

  • Establishing and doing business in the UK
  • Corporate transactions, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions
  • Commercial contracts – including: agency, distribution and franchising; outsourcing; sale and purchase agreements; licensing; technology agreements;
  • Export control and trade compliance
  • Commercial exploitation of intellectual property
  • Tax and incentives (corporate and personal)
  • Employment
  • Best practice legal and commercial counseling, regardless of the governing law of the contract
  • General Counsel Services

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