Our Tax and Incentives practice offers specialist services and comprehensive support across a wide range of areas

We have the expertise to advise on the tax aspects of all kinds of corporate and real estate transactions and re-organisations, finance and investment structuring, as well as providing specialist tax advice on areas such as stamp duty, VAT and employment taxes.

Our high-profile Incentives practice offers advice on share plans, remuneration of executives and other forms of employee participation.

Our clients include businesses of all kinds; entrepreneurs, high-net worth individuals, angel investors, venture capitalists and private equity firms.  We also provide support to other professional firms who wish to offer specialist tax and incentive services to their own clients.

Our tax and incentives expertise

The right set-up for entrepreneurs and start-ups

We understand the challenges faced by entrepreneurs who need to take key decisions on set-up and structure at the outset when time is short and funds are limited.  Our lawyers are genuinely committed to supporting businesses facing those challenges by providing specialist and tailored legal services at an appropriate fee level.  We also work for early-stage companies including advising on ownership structures, employee participation and raising finance through tax efficient investment schemes, such as EIS and Seed EIS.

Tax support for all kinds of transactions

We provide tax support for all kinds of corporate and real estate transactions, including M&A deals, group reorganisations, financings, management buy-outs and structures for selling / buying commercial property.  We also support other professional firms who wish to include those types of specialist tax services with their own service offering.

Specialist employment tax and incentive practice

Our employee incentives practice is known throughout the industry for its expertise, experience and commerciality.  We work with a diverse range of clients, including entrepreneurs and start-ups as well as large financial institutions.  We offer the whole range of employee incentives, from EMI schemes to tailor-made incentive structures (such as growth shares and split interest schemes) and strive in each case to find a solution which is both tax efficient and achieves the client’s wider commercial objectives.

We also provide an integrated service with our employment law colleagues and advise on tax at all relevant points of an employment relationship, whether in relation to remuneration, international secondments or termination.

Supporting you with specialist legal services

If you are from a professional firm, we are the ideal partner for your clients.  As a dedicated tax and incentives practice, we offer support to other professional firms and help you to provide your clients with discrete, specialist services, as and when you need them.

We are a professional partnership, unburdened by a legacy practice, and our cost-effective structure allows us to either offer expert counsel as independent lawyers or to be seconded to firms directly.  In both cases, we offer high quality legal advice at competitive rates.  As a growing team, we also ensure that we have back-up so we are always available to our clients.  In particular, we enable you to provide your clients with a comprehensive service, including advice on tax and relevant drafting.

We are mindful at all times of your relationship with your clients, which informs our key service features:

  • A strict “no-poach” rule – we provide only the service you request and we do not introduce any of our other service lines unless specifically asked to do so.
  • Choice of engagement – we can provide services either to you as the client firm or direct to your client, depending on which of these arrangements is more suitable.
  • Flexible fee structure – we are usually able to apply charge-out rates which match those of your firm, or alternatively can offer fixed fees based on milestones to be achieved.

We also offer day, weekly, and longer-term consultancy arrangements.

No ‘one size fits all’

At Jurit we believe that the client’s specific circumstances and commercial objectives must be the focus of all advice given.  Whether a client is a start-up business, institutional investor or another professional firm, we will provide the service that fits our client.

Key services

Corporate and Real Estate Tax

  • Tax in M&A deals: advising on all tax aspects (including in connection with employee incentive arrangements) in the context of acquisitions and disposals
  • Group reorganisations: advising on tax implications (including in particular with regard to corporation tax and stamp duty) and assisting with relevant procedures
  • Financing: advising on the tax provisions in loan facility agreements (including FATCA issues)
  • Start-ups: advising on tax structuring and on raising finance through investments qualifying for relief under EIS or Seed EIS
  • Tax in management buy-outs and entrepreneurs’ relief planning
  • Tax efficient investments (VCT, EIS, SEIS)

Real Estate Tax

  • Advising on and negotiating tax provisions in real estate transactions, including in particular with regard to stamp duty land tax, capital allowances and VAT

Employment Tax

  • Ensuring tax compliance on termination and redundancy packages
  • Advising on the tax implications of international working arrangements (including with regard to share incentives)
  • Assessing whether an individual is an employee or independent contractor and managing the business risks raised, including the application of “IR35”
  • Managing employment tax controversy – dispute resolution both between employers and employees, and with HMRC

Employee Incentives

  • Setting up new share plans and employee incentive arrangements, from approved EMI, CSOP, SAYE and SIP arrangements to growth shares and other types of bespoke arrangements
  • Designing appropriate long term incentive plans based on restricted shares, performance shares, options, joint share interests and phantom plans
  • Assessing the UK tax consequences and suitability of non-UK incentive arrangements
  • Constructing tax-efficient reward packages for internationally mobile employees and secondees
  • Navigating the complex “employment-related securities” and “disguised remuneration” rules
  • Understanding the implications of tax and incentives issues arising from due diligence on M&A transactions
  • Employee Ownership Trusts


  • Advising on VAT in respect of cross-border supplies of goods and services, including on the place of supply rules and triangular supplies.
  • Advising on whether the transfer of a business (including commercial property subject to a lease) constitutes a transfer of a going concern.

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Quote from the Tax and Incentives team

“Above all, tax advice must be comprehensible, commercially astute and tailored to the client’s individual circumstances.”

 – Jurit Tax