We aim to be open and frank in our dealings with clients and to provide advice in an efficient, effective and friendly manner.

We enjoy meeting our clients but, equally, our business is built on technology and office support systems, which allow us to control our operating costs and offer flexibility in our approach to fee arrangements with clients.

We are always happy to discuss fixed fees or contingent fee arrangements, where appropriate and desired by our clients.   Most importantly, we will always agree the basis on which our work is charged so that there are never any surprises.

Our regulatory body, the SRA, requires us to publish specific information on charges for employment and dispute resolution services.  We are happy to do this (set out below) and welcome the opportunity to agree the specific arrangements for any particular matter.

Dispute Resolution

We normally charge £300 per hour (plus VAT, where applicable) for small debt recovery claims of up to £100,000, however, we  will consider contingency fee arrangements in appropriate cases to obtain a final judgement.  We treat enforcement of the judgement separately, which attracts an additional fee based on time spent.  These are our charges; Court fees and expenses would be charged separately as is usual.  Normally these cases take between three and six months to get to judgement assuming they are not seriously opposed.  Enforcing the judgement takes longer and depends on the assets available to the debtor.

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Employment Tribunals

For bringing or defending employment tribunal claims, we normally charge an hourly rate of between £275 and £350 (plus VAT where applicable).  We provide clients with an estimate of the overall cost of our services and the key stages of each matter at the outset.  We are happy to agree fixed fees for to each stage of the employment tribunal process, based on the level of work anticipated in each case.

Disbursements, including printing and posting bundles, obtaining expert medical opinions, travel and accommodation costs and Counsel fees, may be incurred depending on the nature of the case and the location of any hearings.  We provide clients with an estimate of these costs on a case-by-case basis.

A typical employment tribunal claim will involve several key stages:

  • Drafting and submitting the particulars of claim (claimant)
  • Drafting and submitting the grounds of resistance (respondent)
  • Preliminary hearing on case management
  • Disclosure of documents
  • Drafting and exchange of witness statements
  • Final hearing

Timescales for employment tribunal claims depend on the type of claims involved and the length of the final hearing.  A straightforward claim requiring only a single day final hearing might be concluded within four to six months.  For more complex claims, requiring a multi-day final hearing, we would anticipate the process taking up to 12 months, and in some cases longer.

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